Text message sent for digital download orders

Customers who place an order containing digital download products will now receive a text message in addition to an email notification. When a shopping cart contains one or more digital download products, customers will see the message "Links to download your digital files will be sent to your phone and email" on the shipping information or customer information form.

When a shopping cart contains one or more digital download products, customers will see the message "Links to download your digital files will be sent to your phone and email" below the shipping information or customer information form.

Customers will see a checkbox on the checkout screen to receive their digital download via text message. If this box is unchecked, the digital download will only be sent via email.

Streamline checkout flow with the "Save Payment Information" feature

SimplePhoto can allow customers to save their card information on the checkout screen. This makes the checkout process easier when parents place an order for their second and third child. The customer's payment information is stored by Authorize.net when this feature is enabled. Click here to view documentation for this feature. This feature is available to SimplePhoto members who use the Authorize.net payment gateway.


New Product Types for Variable Packages

Variable packages can now have two new product types:

Fixed No Pose Product
When you add a product to a variable package, you'll now see a "Fixed No Pose Product" selection. This can be used to add a fixed product to a variable package that does not need a pose, like an "all images cd" or "retouching" product.

Fixed Composite Product
When you add a composite product to a variable package, set the "Item Unit Value" to 0 to make the composite a fixed composite product that does not affect the package's unit count.

Yearbook Advisor Links

SimplePhoto photographers can send a special link and password to a school's yearbook advisor. This yearbook advisor link allows the yearbook advisor to view a list of galleries in a school folder that have and have not submitted a yearbook pose. Also the yearbook advisor can submit yearbook pose orders on behalf of students. Click here to learn more about our new Yearbook Advisor Link feature.

New reporting feature: Orders by Folder summary

The “Orders by Folder” report screen now has buttons that allow you to view or download a report summarizing orders grouped by folder.

In the SimplePhoto Photographer Control Panel, click on the Reports tab. Click on the Order by Folder link. Select the desired date range and click Change Dates. Click the Summary Report Links link, then click either the Download CSV Data or View Printable Summary button.


Compact Order Receipt style available for Prepay Orders

SimplePhoto photographers have a compact receipt style option for prepay receipts. If you enable the "Compact" prepay receipt style option, customers will see a more compact version of the receipt. The compact receipt style takes up less room on a printed page. To enable the compact receipt for prepay orders, click on the Checkout Settings link on the SimplePhoto Dashboard and select the Compact option for the Prepay Receipt Style setting.

SimplePhoto Help Center

Check out our redesigned and improved help center! These documents are designed to assist you, the photographer, in setting up your account, making the most of all that SimplePhoto has to offer and to provide you with a complete self-service support option. If you can’t find an answer, you can submit a ticket with your questions to our knowledgeable support team. Click the Help tab in your SimplePhoto account, or Click Here.

Quick order and gallery search

You can now easily find an order or a gallery using quick search features at the top of the Photographer Dashboard.  Type a SimplePhoto Order ID into the "Order ID" field to pull up an online order.  Type a gallery password into the "Gallery Password" field to quickly locate a gallery for editing.

Usability improvements to multi-pose packages

Customers will now see an "Add to Cart" button when all package products have been populated.  When this button is clicked, the package will immediately be added to the customer's cart.  If package add-ons are present, the customer will then see the add-ons screen.  If the customer then clicks on either the "Checkout" button or the cart link in the upper right hand corner or the "Proceed to Checkout" button in the center of the screen, they will be directed to shopping cart review screen.

These updates will help reduce confusion that currently occurs if a customer completes their package, clicks the "Proceed to Addons" button, then ignores the “Proceed to Checkout” button and clicks the "Checkout" button or the cart link in the upper right hand corner.

Usability improvements

  • When a customer adds a product to their cart, customer will see a temporary flash message (such as "Added: (1) 8x10 Color Portrait") to indicate that the product was added successfully. The "In Your Cart" section will no longer appear.
  • Photographers who use the "Guestbook" feature and price lists with yearbook poses will notice that the guestbook email form now appears before the yearbook pose selection screen.  Also, the message that appears above the guestbook email address form is now customizable in the "Email Marketing Settings" screen.

New Prepay Data export type

When downloading order data for a Prepay event, there is a new Export Type option labeled "Product Codes in one column, text entry fields in separate columns".  This download format is helpful for studios who want text entry fields (commonly First Name, Last Name, Grade, etc) in their own columns and package selections in a single column.

Standalone Products

There is now a "Standalone" checkbox for Lab Products.  This setting is checked by default.  If this setting is unchecked, customers will not be able to checkout unless other products are added to the cart.  Uncheck the "Standalone" checkbox on products such as a background selection and retouching products to require another price list product to be purchased. 

"No Pose" Package Products

Package products can now be added with a "No Pose" option.  This feature can be helpful when products like specialty packages or frames are included as part of a multi-pose package.  When adding a package product, choose the type "No Pose".  'No pose' products can be present in fixed and variable packages.