Photo Sales Marketing Solutions

SimplePhoto provides photographers with an online sales solution to increase their sales and streamline their workflow. Below you will find a list of some of our alliance labs and software partners and solutions.

If you have any questions about the SimplePhoto lab/software integration, contact our sales team at We are always interested in working with new labs and software companies that can enhance the experience for our customers. Contact us today if you are interested in becoming a new alliance partner.

SimplePhoto is such a great company to work with. The whole team at SimplePhoto is always ready to help or answer any questions that CPQ or our customers have.
— - Kathleen Lineberry, CPQ Professional Imaging

Alliance Labs

SimplePhoto partners with photography labs around the world to provide ecommerce solutions to thousands of professional photographers. We work with everyone from small, family-owned labs that service a handful of photographers to large, volume labs that have multiple fulfillment facilities.

Our SimplePhoto Alliance Labs offer a variety of workflow solutions: from a self-service, photographer-managed workflow to a fully-automated lab-managed workflow. Contact the lab directly with any questions about their services and pricing.

Software Partners

SimplePhoto is integrated with many of the software solutions volume photographers use every day to simplify their workflow.

Integration DRUMS SPOTS PhotoLynx TimeStone

Kodak DP2

SimplePhoto can integrate with your lab’s DP2 system through the SimplePhoto DP2 Bridge to provide your photographers with an automated workflow. The lab uploads photographers’ galleries through the SimplePhoto DP2 Bridge Gallery Upload program. As orders are placed online in SimplePhoto, order data is sent to your lab’s and the SimplePhoto DP2 Bridge Order Import program adds the order to DP2. Many types of products can be populated using the SimplePhoto DP2 Bridge, including multi-node composite prints and prints with text nodes and options populated by order data. SimplePhoto also generates billing data to populate billing systems such as LabWorks.

Kodak Professional Digital Print Production Software - DP2