Email Marketing

Integrated email marketing notifies your customers when their images are posted and about current promotions. SimplePhoto can even provide suggested email designs.


Every SimplePhoto account is custom designed to match your company branding and website. Customize your SimplePhoto storefront with your logo, watermark, price lists, products, and more.


Get Paid Now

With SimplePhoto, you collect your own money from your customers at the time of the sale using, PayPal, Stripe, and UsaEPay.

Shopping Carts

Custom carts are designed by our team to match your envelope and upsell your products. SimplePhoto carts are designed to increase sales. Multiple layouts available.



Customers can easily save and share their favorite images. Favorites lists make checking out a breeze!


Your customers can preview their green screen images on your custom backgrounds.



Use discounts and coupons to incentivize your customers to purchase more online. Our team will consult you on how to increase sales with various marketing strategies.


Put your prepay order form online and let customers easily pay via credit card prior to picture day. An easy way to increase sales and streamline the picture day process.


Mobile Friendly

Your customers can view and purchase their images from anywhere. SimplePhoto 2.0 is compatible with all smart phones and tablets, and the new interface makes ordering on the go easier than ever.

Gallery Privacy

Galleries can be password protected or easily accessible to the public.



Gallery guestbooks are integrated into our Email Marketing features to increase communication and sales. Make guestbooks required or optional!


Click-and-Safe is an online child safety program you can provide to your schools and parents to access a child’s recent school photo in the case of an emergency.


event schedules

Our scheduling capabilities allow you to set dates to activate or de-activate galleries, switch price lists and change shipping options.

Cloud Storage

SimplePhoto provides fast, secure uploads of high-resolution images using cloud technology.


Yearbook Pose

Let your customers easily submit their yearbook poses online to make the process easier for you and your schools.

QR Codes

SimplePhoto gives you the code necessary to create unique QR Codes that take your customers directly to their galleries.


Gallery Expiration

Control how long your galleries are online. Combined with our scheduling capabilities, easily expire galleries soon after posting for fast sales and set a date to enable them in the future for more sales opportunities.

Shipping Options

With our various shipping options, there's more than one way to calculate your shipping fees.



Sell a combination of prints and products, from multiple poses, to offer your customers the best deals!

Image Security

SimplePhoto protects your images with your watermark and makes all images right-click, print, copy, and save disabled.


Threshold Pricing

Some products can only be purchased once a price tier has been reached. This adds easy revenue to your bottom line.

Bulk Pricing

Bulk discounts incentivize customers to buy more at lower prices.


Phone Support

Some people prefer email support since it is faster, but we understand that other customers would rather talk to one of our friendly team members. All membership levels include free phone support.


Customers can easily build and purchase your custom composites online.


Help Files

SimplePhoto's many help files are a valuable asset. Use these files to get you started and answer common questions.


Getting started with any new software can be challenging, but we can walk you through our features, help you with your workflow questions, and get you started on the path to success!


Zoom Tool

Customers can zoom in on their images to ensure they are satisfied.

Color Options

Your customers can view their images in color, black and white or sepia with a single image upload.


Advanced Settings

SimplePhoto’s advanced settings allow you to control the look of your account. Easily turn features on and off on a default or gallery level.

Custom Text

Sometimes you just need to personalize the text on the screen for your customers. A lot of the text you see throughout SimplePhoto is customizable.


Intuitive Dashboard

SimplePhoto’s dashboard is organized to make navigation a breeze and setup simple.


Use SimplePhoto’s multiple reporting options to track and manage your orders.


Easy Accounting

SimplePhoto bills your credit card once a month so keeping track of payments is easy.

Multiple Accounts

Studios can have multiple SimplePhoto accounts for the price of a single account. One for various studio locations or for different branches of your business. The multiple account feature is limited to Premium members only.


Direct Gallery Links

Provide customers with direct links to their events. This is perfect for schools or leagues to post on their own websites.

Package Required Add-ons

Do you want to require a package purchase before customers can purchase add-on products? No problem. Our carts can handle that and many other sales scenarios.


Gallery Layouts

With advanced gallery options, thumbnail options & layout options, it has never been easier to customize a gallery.


Custom watermark options provide an extra layer of security on your images. Upload your own, or request a design. 


Custom Image Sizes

Control the size of the image your customer sees.

Mac & PC

SimplePhoto’s great features work on both PC and Mac and in all popular browsers.